When I try to go to, I get “404-Not Found”.

When I try to go to, the webpage says only “”.

Was the manual moved to another location?


The Wiki, Blender’s main documentation resource, has been taken offline earlier today. Something in the software was causing high server load. This resulted in problems on the other sites, such as the main site, and the Durian blog. The web team is looking into it and we’ll inform you when the wiki is available again.

Also linked from the front page of temporarily offline

Posted on August 21, 2010 Category: Announcements
Our documentation on wiki has been disabled for now, there’s a problem that slows down the entire website. Will be back a.s.a.p.

It’s currently down for repairs.

Not sure when it’ll be back online, but if you need anything the help sections are very good, and also the forum search, as well as youTube tutorials.

Does anyone know if there’s a mirror or offline download available somewhere? It’s not a life-and-death situation or anything, but the days are passing by and I can’t get much work on my little project done without the api docs.

Thanks a lot!

Edit: Well, it doesn’t cover 2.5. But i’m sure the link will come in handy for someone, so thanks again.

Neither does the online wiki really. That is still part of the blender 2.5 project still outstanding

2.5 doesn’t really affect me. I’m still using good old 2.49b. And this is exactly what I need thanks.

We’re working hard on getting the wiki back online for the public again. Spotting the problem is proving to be hard.