"Hubert the Fish" / texture tests / .gif animation

so lots of free time this week and trying to spend as much of it as I can on blender. had pretty good luck with my last model “creature”, but figured it was time I just try something less complicated. So here it is a little fish :smiley:
going to try some texture tests tonight, and finish the modeling inside the mouth

very nice. i like the teeth especially.

Hehe, I love the expression. With those eyes rolled back a bit and a dangerouse set of sharp teeth that baby looks like a psycho maniac! Can’t wait to see it textured!


Oh yeah 8) … that guy looks like something you wouldn’t want to meet in the deep sea… Cool. Keep going with him.

Thanks for the posts guys

Modron- thanks :smiley: , slowly figuring how to attach teeth to the mesh, in these photos it is not one single mesh yet, it is just easier to do the uv unwrap seperatly then join, thanks for the countinued feed back, :smiley: now go finish the balrog fool, haha :smiley:

blade- thanks for the post, i didnt plan on making it crazy but when I moved the jaw down to do modeling on the top of the head I thought that would be cool to give him a big mouth and teeth, also looking forward to seeing more of the last line of defense :o !

I__- hey thanks for the post, it was supposed to be an innocent small fish, guess it didnt turn out that way :stuck_out_tongue: , haha

So here is a small texture test I put together tonight, I plan on doing a lot more detailed work, because the unwrap was a huge pain in the ass, so i didnt want to do all that work then do a 5 second texture, so just a test for now, also hope to make the eyes, teeth and mouth appear more wet.
:smiley: Thanks for looking and thanks for posting! :smiley:


Nice textures. I really like the menacing colours you have going there.

Now you need to add a scale specular map to it with a little NOR to simulate actual scales and it will look really cool.


BgDM- thanks for the post, so your not going to let me do these textues half ass are you :smiley: , thats cool, I will need to brush up on my spec maps, and nor, proably will have to do a few tutorials,

So tired a few more texture tests different colors and all, added more detail to the body and mouth, kind of like the simpler stlye like the first one I think. Thanks for looking


cool, i like the first colors best. maybe some red on the gills?

hmmm i like the third that looks kewl.

I mostly like the second, like it’s poisonous or something. Great work!

He definitely looks like the kind of guy who’d think that Nemo was really, really good. Tasting. :wink:

you can try this tut for the eyes.

I like the first texture better too.

hey guys thanks for posting

Modron- good call, i will keep that in mind when I do the final texture.

Grimreaper- thanks for the post, that is actually the orgianl painted texture, i think my favorite of the three also, i just increased the hue and shadow to create the other colors.

4Daniel- hey thanks for the nice post, i never thought of it that way

sundialsvc4- he wouldnt eat nemo, just his father and the forgetfull one, whats her name?, haha

Blendfreak- hey thanks for the tut, i actually checked this one out awhile ago, he also has the eye for download too i think, i have it somewhere, i will be changeing the eye texture, but not sure if I will model one.

:smiley: Thanks for all the posts :smiley: ,
i havent had any time to work today so no up date, i have some plans though i will get a final texture and then join the mouth and body. also i’m trying to get a good avi to gif converter so i can make some small gif animations to post or to use other places. i’m downloading one now so if all goes well ill have a gif up shortly. so thanks for looking and stay tuned brother!

good good i thought it was :D:Dlol.

Grimreaper- it did make for some nice effects, but i think it was proably the best just as it was

ok so got a simple gif animation, not the best but just something small to show, i will work on better animations, and smaller file sizes.

Also need to work on finishing textures and finishing the model, thanks for looking

Also big thanks to Saint Modron for the free software hook up, its great!!

he is supposed to be swimming here, will try one with biteing also!

awesome, i love the colors you decided on. one thing i would suggest is to use the blinn shader on the eyes and teeth.