HUD for an ingame monitor that uses RenderToTexture

Hi all

A strange question- how do I set up a HUD for an in-game monitor that uses RenderToTexture? I have a cockpit screen that uses RenderToTexture to project a camera view- this works fine. However, how to I get a HUD (currently in a different scene) to overlay this RenderToTexture view so the monitor shows both?

Cheers for your time


This is one of those things you have to get creative about.

As far as I’m aware, you can’t add an overlay scene onto an RTT. You could, however, build the HUD right onto the object and hide it when the player isn’t using the monitor?

I’ve not used it very often, but the VideoTexture module has ImageMix and Filters which might be combined to overlay one over the other

Interesting stuff- cheers!

One last question (off topic): I’ve seen it somewhere (but for the life of me cannot find it again) find the syntax to alter the resolution of the video using RenderToTexture- does anyone know it? From what I remember it was something incredibly simple.