HUD Map (2.49 and 2.5x)

A demo of simple map implementation, perhaps already exists but here it is anyway…
map.blend (167 KB)
Let me know if it was useful or a total waste of everyone’s time :eyebrowlift2:

thanks to HG1 for the 2.5x version, see below.

Can’t try it :frowning: Would you mind updating your script to Blender 2.57?

I wish I could but I barely understand how to use the video-texture module and I don’t use 2.5x (media (video and audio) and web development are my weakest points in programming…), perhaps there is already one for 2.5x?

sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

Here I changed the script to Blender 2.5x.
In Blender 2.5x the camera size must match the screen size.


map25x.blend (306 KB)

I like it :slight_smile:

Well, to be honest, the example file is a bit weird…but thank you anyway, for sharing!

yeah, I just threw a few cubes around, just to give some sense of relativity, not just, “hey look, there’s infinity, and it’s on the map too!” :smiley: