Hue Correct Isolation

Does anyone know how to isolate the color from the Hue Correct Node to remove the grey image, to only have the selected color in the output (blue in the example below)


Well, considering that you have that :

Basically what you can do is substract the result to a 0 saturation version :

And if you want to have is transparent instead, feed the alpha of the set alpha node, with original image as rgb :

Is it what you are looking for ? :slight_smile:

See you :slight_smile: ++

Thanks for the quick reply.
This looks good, for some reason my color has disappeared on my set up.

My plan is to use a few passed lifting the main highlight colors and overlay it on a freestyle linework render to create a watercolor effect… well in my head this is what it would be!

Getting there, although still have some black areas left over from the workflow

You could make a threshold with a Greater Than node, in order to get rid of all non wanted black parts or ghost partches

Could this be what you’re after?

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I will have a look at your work flow in the morning

That’s a fantastic method without a lot of nodes with a clean result

Thanks for all your efforts

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