Huge arrows on object while moving it (how do get that away).

I must have done something wrong but what ??.
I am using blender 2.7, and i’ve allready reset everything back to factory settings.
But when i reloaded the drawing it happened again (also when using blender 2.6).

The red - green - blue coordinate arrows, when moving the object are extreme huge.
Larger then an empty drawings floor grid.

I dont know what causes this, but its very distracting; how can they be set to their normal size again ?.

vaguely remember a weird problem like that
not certain what I did sorry!

and just get another SVN or re instal it

it could be a corrupted file!

may be try to import/append everything into another file
and see if it works!

happy bl

It happened to me also - moving files between 2.69 and 2.70, not sure exactly the details. I think it must be because of one of the breaking compatibility changes.

You can change the size and handle size of the manipulator on User Settings->Interface->Manipulator