Huge .blend File Size From Just a Few Objects

Stuck on beginner’s stuff… I am making a model in Blender from basic meshes that I intended to sculpt on. I have 4 scenes with a few low poly objects in each (what I did was that after finishing a part of the basic shape I copied it to a new scene and continued working on it to save the intermediate stages.) Finally, in the last scene I joined and subdivided the final basic shape 4 times and applied solidify modifier. Suddenly, Blender became unresponsive for a long time (which I am not too surprised about as I have 1GB in-built gpu only), but what is more surprising, the .blend file size on my laptop has now become 4.25 GB. I have been a subscriber to Blender Cloud and have some of the files of much more complex works by the pros there, and none of those files come even close to such size. What did I do wrong? :rofl: :thinking:

Here is my .blend file if someone wishes to check:
I am not able to work further on my laptop with it, as it makes Blender unresponsive immediately after opening.

Thats easy, you subdivided so hard that you somehow have 50 millions faces on you model. Probably joined two model with different resolution and then apply the subdivisions. Dont forget that the subdivisions goes exponentially if you have cube with 6 sides 1 subdivision is 24 sides 2 subs is 96 sides 3 subs is 384 and 4 times is 1536.

I tried to unsubdivide your model but its so dense that it simply crashes every time.

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Thank you @Fowl, I will start over again!