Huge bug?

Encouraged by new fluids in 2.82, i retried Blender (despite progress i still found, and find, Blender nerdy and badly documented).
And i promptly gave up, again. Tho many very tempting features have been added, it’s still, well, Blender fans won’t to hear me go into details.
But i must say that it’s now even more unusable.
I refer to an apparent major new bug: 2.82’s missing-in-action RMB menu. My copies don’t have it. Yes, i reinstalled it (after waiting weeks for a new version).
Yes i tweaked mouse select in preferences. Yes i tried a new mouse. Yes i looked for similar glitches in other apps (my mouse, left and right buttons) work fine in them.
I can’t access it. So i can’t access, for instance, primitives (torus etc.). And i can’t select single faces either. There are probably other major related problems, but by that point, i’d given up.
I admit to being mystified as to why others haven’t had this problem, but i can’t see what i could’ve possibly done wrong.

I’m very open to anybody pointing out what stupid thing i’ve done wrong.
World-champion failure at Blender.

My apologies if i’ve posted in wrong sub-forum
Another wonderful day ruined by responsibility!

Have you tried resetting factory defaults?

afaik, adding primitives were never in the rmb menu.

Yes. Thanks for trying to help tho.

a postscript- Then accessing primitives is another problem i’ve been having. I consulted manual but conventional methods fail. They also seem to have gone bye-bye.

Have you tried to use the the portable version instead of the installer version?

Good luck, BA support guys, on this one.

Gonna bookmark and keep my eye on it. What they’re describing don’t make no sense.

Well, if for primitives you mean “objects” it’s the usual shift-A or, well, object-add menu…

To everyone who responded: many thanks!

To the guy who suggested factory defaults- you were right- i thought i had tried it, but clearly hadn’t because your tip worked. Must say, it’s weird- do you know any other program, 3D or otherwise, that has such a setting (does it different from Revert? which Blender lacks).

Another personal goof- primitives under Add menu. Again, my bad, but i still must protest that it’s a weird menu category for it to be placed in: when you start a project with, say, a torus, you aren’t adding anything, yet must look under Add menu… !?

I’m still defeated by delete face issue. Tried several tutorials but it just doesn’t work for me.

I take responsibility for my errors (and apologize for wasting forum member time) but there’s still a lot in Blender that’s just not up to speed.

WARNING: rant to follow! I wish Blenders Dev Team would slow development of new features (heresy!) and instead consolidate/evolve and document (concrete how-to advice!) existing ones. For one thing it’d encourage tutorial writers (they’d know their work would last longer). Maybe somebody would actually write a book, knowing it’d sell longer than a month! Blender is overshooting, while the rest of the industry undershoots (release .5 versions every 6 months and whole # releases every year that are really trivial). Shifting focus to usability would sure make Blender more than, er, (polite euphemism) non-intuitive with great features.

Until that happy day, i’m probably reverting to my rhythm of trying and giving on Blender every year or two.

Thanks again to everybody who tried to help! You guys alone are at least 60% of the reason i even want to make Blender work.


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