huge file size

I made a simple animation and it’s only three seconds long, and yet it takes up 65 megs. I was hoping to make a 15 minute movie, but that would be like a 4 DVD set to hold it. I didn’t think the scene was that complicated and I really want to flesh it out some more. I used AVI raw because the BSoD tutorial said to, there is a large window that is ray traced, about twelve pieces keyframed to move and a person moving his torso. How do you go about getting a managable file size?


I used the xvid codec recently for a 4 second animation. The difference in file size was pretty amazing. AVI Raw file was 154mb, xvid codec was 450kb, and it played fine in MS Mediaplayer.

Best of Luck!!

Yep, you need a codec of some sort to reduce file size. AVI RAW uses uncompressed images - that’s 25 - 30 images for each second of the video (that’s 75 - 90 images in your case) so, depending on the image size you selected to render at, the movie file grows pretty quickly.

I’m no expert but popular AVI codecs include DivX, Xvid and 3ivx. You could also try some MOV codecs including Sorenson and H264. You can either do this as you render from Blender or you can post-pro the big file and experiment with various codecs and settings.

Video codecs are numerous and each comes with its own pros and cons. (It’s a nightmare!)

I personally use mpeg 4 via the Quicktime interface. All codecs available in the quicktime menu will work except H264 (which requires the pro version, but last time I checked it wouldn’t work via the interface from ANY program other than Quicktime window itself) but it leaves all of your colors washed out and is horrendously slow and doesn’t handle gradients well.