Huge game engine sim possible?

I am trying to make an accurate simulation of the suns orbit around earth. i am trying to work on a very large scale. is it possible for blender to handle this? so far, if i make an object too large, it appears distorted (almost like z fighting) in the 3d view, although it looks fine in the game engine. but more importantly, no matter how high i turn the clipping, it is never infinite. so objects that are at a huge distance away do not show up. any way around this?

you could try to put that sun-thing in an overlay scene. Then set that as “background scene”. This will fake an infinite distance.

Edit. …hm ok, maybe not, just confused something :stuck_out_tongue:

But you could then try to change the overall scale of your scene, make everything smaller. Infinity is not possible because blender can only operate on finite numbers (i.e. position of objects) as far as i know :slight_smile:

It depends what you really want to achive. If you want to use such dimensions as a solar system, you have to care the precisions of a float number.
BTW. planets/moons etc. might not be visible if you use real ratio.

Anyway increasing the clipping distance is the right way. You need to guess the right distances. Make sure you do not create small objects relative to the clipping size (e.g. space stations). If you need work with overlay scenes as suggested by heijulien.

If I recall, torakunsama is doing a space game that deals with planets and galaxies, so it’s definitely possible. You might have to ‘fudge’ things a bit, though if you’re only dealing with planets and moons (and no smaller objects), then just make everything smaller and change the ratio of sizes.

yes on view of objects goto 3d window header select view,view properties,and change clipping there. camera clipping doesn’t work on camera “object” after u have changed that u can goto camera’s edtit button then camera panel and change camera lens this might help.

thanks everyone for the suggestions, will try them all out!

Hmm, first of all, you can’t do that, because, the sun does not orbit around the Earth!
Secondly, you’ll have to fake sizes, since the sun is 10^6 times bigger than Earth, and the Earth has a diameter of about 22000 km. The limit of space blender can handle is 1000 km!
So you’ll have to play with scales and scenes for it to work!
As SolarLune mentionned, I’m indeed working on a system like that, so if you need specific help, I’ll gladly give you!

true, good call! what i meant was the suns passage accros the sky, as viewed by someone on the ground on earth.
either way, i dont really need this any more because i found a great program that does what i need called Stellarium.
thanks everyone for all the help!

Sorry, not sure i ended up posting here