Huge lag during sculpting.

Hey hey, guys… have been following the forum for a while and decided to make a profile, since i have hit a huge roadblock.

I’m currently sculpting a creature and stuff got quite far and i started to detail around using dynotopo etc.
But… today after the poly count started to grow quite big up to 2 million… suddenly i have started to get huge lags while i was trying to brush out anything… The viewport was smooth and everything else, except when i was trying to brush out and add additional stuff to my creature.

My PC Specs are :
GTX 970(4gig)
8GB of Ram
Intel Xeon E3-1231 v3 ( 4 cores x 3.4Ghz)
2TB HDD … etc

Pretty much i have seen people going higher poly count with worse computer spec… withouth a problem.
Watched how much RAM it took and how teh CPU was performing during the action and everything else.
I had more than 3 gigs of ram left memory so it wasn’t taking all, or anywhere close to that.
My Cpu wasn’t even at 50% to be honest… or it was somewhere near that.

I have checked old posts from 2012-2013, but nothing of that fixed my problem.
I’m not using the multires modifier.

Thanks in advance, really looking forward to someone who can help me out,
so i can continoue my creature :slight_smile:


You may have too may polys for dyntopo sculpting
You should get higher poly count with Multires modifier at this stage.