HUGE lag when using particles in 2.46/2.47

The newest Blender releases (post 2.46 inclusive) are giving me huge lag when editing particles (grass, in my case). Even with Disp set to 1, I get HUGE lag in 3D view.

Any ideas?

you can limit how many particles are shown in 3D view to speed up preview

I’ve done that using Disp:1 to show only 1% of the total particles, but still have lag.

I’m using Blender 2.45 for now, though.

it lags for me too. i don’t know what to do either :spin:.
not just particles in modeling too and other stuff.need help?:spin:

If it lags while editing, try moving the stuff you aren’t editing to other layers.
You can fix the particle-lag by using a small number of particles (~1000) and add children (increase the radius that these child-particles spawn from the parent though). Worked wonders for me!