Huge Landscape Texture Tiling

I’m working on a Project, which includes a big desert scene from one angle (in 2.82 Cycles)… But I got stuck with the ground texture. Because after I applied it, I got texture tiling and I don’t know how to get rid of it.

I tried to upload the blend file, but It’s too big (977mb), so here is a picture

I hope someone can help me

I made a node setup that solves your problem. It uses a combination of a voronoi and a noise texture to rotate the texture on the z axis. Rotation is achieved by varying the shades of grey (black means no rotation and white means full 360-degree rotation).

The following picture shows the node setup in action:

Here is the blend file with the example texture packed inside:
untiling a texture.blend (2.7 MB)

Here is the approach I’m using. Use this approach if you need seamless transitions due to being smoothed, but it does have the problem of having smoothed areas with double information. Instead of random rotations, it’s using 4 different sets of scales, mirrors, and rotations. That way the mask that blends can be smooth instead. It is impossible to have both, as far as I can think of anyway. I think it is more suitable if the image texture is being used for bump effects, as there will be smooth transitions everywhere instead of sharp edges.
untiling a texture1.blend (3.8 MB)

Andrew Price has a useful video concerning this problem, with a couple of solutions (and custom nodes to implement them).