Huge parenting problem *urgent*

Hi all!
I made a animation but now I need to scale my scene. So I parented all my object on a parent and scaled the parent but when I click clear parent it does it only on the first frame all the other frame of the animation stay unafected…
Is there a way to scale everything and keep the animation.
Thx for your help!!

you might have IPO curves set for the objects scale

ie. it will snap back to the scale you set a key for it

oh thx I’m going to check this

I deleted the Ipo on the scale and it still snap back to his origin :frowning:
I can’t believe this is impossible to clear the parent and keep the animation x_x

what are you animating? that parent or the other objects

if it works before you clear the parent - then don’t clear the parent

can you post a blend

Well, if you delete the ScaleX,ScaleY,ScaleZ Ipo curves for all your objects ( Assuming your main animation does not involve scale keys), then you may click Alt P (to clear the parent and choose keep transformation track). At this point you re-key (Scale) and all your objects will have the new size…but the transformation relative to its original centers are lost…I guess that’s the problem you are having…right?

If you parent all your Objects to an Empty, and scale the Empty and everything looks perfect…why do you have to un-parent them? Your animation will run exactly as you first did keeping their individual scaling plus the transformation relative to the parent, making your whole scene smaller (or bigger ) similar to the radio of a circumference.

Any special reason why to unparent?:confused: