Huge performance problem with Blender animating on any Windows

Hi there,

I´m having a huge problem working in Blender 2.49b on Windows XP/Vista/7 and it doesn´t happens in MacOSX or Linux, even Linux in the same machine:

  • pressing Alt+A or moving the Time slider is a pain, even animating the one defaut cube!!! Pressing the Play Timeline button works better, but still bad to work.

  • The computers I´ve being using have Geforce 8800GTS, 9800GT, 295, etc … with old and after the last dirvers installed. None works good.

  • If I am modelling, sculpting, etc. It works fine. The problem is changing frames.

So, do someone knows something about it? A way to fix it. I really don´t know what to do! And we need the machines with Windows here to work with Unity and Flash with Blender. All help are welcome.


Have you tried deleting your B.blend file, which stores your user preferences? Reinstalling Blender maybe? If you are using a custom build, do you have the latest MSVC++ redistributables (SP1)? Do you have the latest version of Python 2.6 installed?

2.49b runs great on all my Windows machines. Sorry to hear about your problems.

I have encountered this problem twice before, once with a demo .blend from and once with a file from another user. For the latter one, I discovered that if I started blender and deleted everything from the scene, then append every object from the sluggish .blend fixed the problem for me on win xp. Can’t comment on any other os…