Huge poster with 3d selfportrait

I discovered a site wich can create very big rasterised images. Its very handy for making big bw-posters. It is called The Rasterbator. I wanted to make a big poster ( a1 format I think 4 x 4 a4) with a 3d selfportrairt. Im almost finished with the portrait. Could you tell me what you think? Im make the hair now.

:o Freaky!
Lol, just joking :wink:

Model is good looking, could say better about topology while seeing wires, I guess. And a comparison to some ref could be useful for criticizing a selfportrait :wink:

Good luck with the hair. What method are you about to use (fiber, cards, beast, particles, other…?)

For the hair Im gonna use the duplivert method. I can make ver realistic hair with it.
I forgot the wire and the ref. Heres the ref. Its not the ref I used for the model because I look very bad on that pic. This is a photo I just took.

Heres is my wire:

good start :stuck_out_tongue:
texture it :stuck_out_tongue:

looking good, i would work on the sides of the nose a bit and eyelids, but the model does look like you maybe show more angles so we can critic better?

I modified the nose. Tomorrow ill post an image and do the eyelids.

Can any1 help me with the hair? Im having trouble with the eyebrows and the hair on top of the head. Could you give a tutorial or something? I cant get fiber or beast to work. Propably didnt setup the python path right. I created a enviroment variable and gave the Lib map in blender, but is still doesnt work. Im using blender 3.4 and python 2.3.3.

Looks good so far, hope to see it finished.

Your edge loops don’t look too good. Search for some tutorials on edge loops, it’ll make you model look quite a bit better once you have it mastered!

I just wanted it to look realistic. I dont care for the wireframe.

Heres an updat. I modified the nose, the ears and I made eyelashes. Ill do the eyelids later.

It looks quite good, but the actual model will look better with edge loops, not just the wireframe. Trust me!

Yeah, there’s a reason every single hipoly and a lot of lopoly modelers will tell you that your edgeloops are important. They are important for a good topology and looking real. Loops also cut down on the number of vertices needed to define a shape and result in cleaner control meshes
The area around the eye needs more definition, look at the eye in your ref or maybe take a few closer pictures, things like te eyelid seem to be mssing.
Make sure not to try using a perspective ref in ortho mode, or at least apply some heavy tweaking afterwards.
Also, take sme more ref pics from various angles and under various lighting conditions. I can’t believe you really don’t have a jawline.

Technical errors often influence the outcome in a barely perceptable way, but that influence will still be picked up by the subconsciousness. You’ll end up with something that looks off and you can’t put your finger on it. Try making the same face with proper loops and then compare.