HUGE problem with outliner, can I parent all these at the same time?

Hey guys! What’s up!
Simple question. Before I ask, you should probably see this, it will help convey the issue here.

I mean, bloody hell. Do I really gotta drag and drop each one of the 60ish rig-widgets into an empty mesh so it doesn’t give me eye-rape? I mean, I’m not going to just let all those sit festering in my outliner, taking up space.

All those “widget” objects in the outliner were generated by the rigify tool, and I DO NOT want to see them in my outliner, so my plan was to drag them all into an empty object where they could hide, but I can’t seem to find a way to drag all of them at once in, even though I selected all of them.


Furthermore, the outliner still does not have a drag-to-organize feature, nor a half solid folder feature. Whyz it gadda suck!? :C

Anyone know if dragging them all at once is a thing? if it’s not, I’ll have to add it to mah list of things the outliner sucks at.

Thanks guys!

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I’ve warned you in the past about posting support questions in the wrong forum. In the future, if you post a support thread in the general forums, it will be deleted.

As for your question, why not do that in the 3D View? You can select all of the widgets (either in the 3D View or the Outliner), then select the empty and do good ol’ Ctrl+P in the 3D View.

Can not select the widget objects, I don’t know what they are exactly, but they aren’t taking up 3D space that I can see. Trust me, that idea did cross my mind.

If that’s the Rigify armature, you’ll find the widgets hidden on the last scene layer. You can select them there and group them as you like.

Sounds good, thanks!