HUGE problem with UV unwrapping/shape of my meshes in 2.67b

hello i’m new here and to blender itself, and i think i have a great problem. i noticed that, when trying to texture a road i had modeled from the basic cube (the one that’s there when you open the program), my texture would look all pizelated and stretched. now i got to understand that the actual problem is that even though my mesh now looks very flat and large (like a table, desk or something? - without any legs though) it’s “seen” by Blender like a cube. it even says it’s 2x2x2 blender units large, even though it looks like i said before in all modes, and it unwraps it just like a cube (ie with square faces). this happened when I tried modelling a face starting from a cube as well, as it had the shape of a face in modelling mode and that of a cube in edit mode. i’m desperate because i couldn’t find any mention of stuff like this anywhere on the net, can anybody PLEASE help me?

If you scale an object in OBJECT MODE you change its scale value,
If you scale an object in EDIT MODE you do not change its scale value,

To uv unwrap ‘correctly’ the scale for each axis should be 1. You can clear the object scale before UV unwrapping by selecting the object and in object mode use Ctrl+A / Scale

oh my, i think that worked. thank you very much. c: