Huge rendering output

Hi guys !!

I’m a “new” blender user, and i run into a technical problem :slight_smile:

I have to render a huge file, and i was wondering how to do that. Well, i know how to render a basic picture and how to tweak cycle engine, that isn’t the probleme.

The problem is the lenght output of the file:165354/35433pixel… it’s for an outdoor panel of 14m for 3m. It’ll be not good for my GPU to make that in one pass i guess…

I had the idea to cut my final picture in several parts. But i don’t know how to prevent from overlap between the differents renders. And the most important, how to NOT change the camera angle/view.

Well it’s a challenge for me, and i’m a bit lost :smiley:

Thanks by advance for your tips and advices :slight_smile: