Huge rendering output

Hi guys !!

I didn’t know really well where to post this, so sorry if I am on the wrong place. Moderator, please, move my subject on the good place if it’s not the place :slight_smile:

I’m a “new” blender user, and i run into a technical problem :slight_smile:

I have to render a huge file, and i was wondering how to do that. Well, i know how to render a basic picture and how to tweak cycle engine, that isn’t the probleme.

The problem is the lenght output of the file:165354/35433pixel… it’s for an outdoor panel of 14m for 3m. It’ll be not good for my GPU to make that in one pass i guess…

I had the idea to cut my final picture in several parts. But i don’t know how to prevent from overlap between the differents renders. And the most important, how to NOT change the camera angle/view.

Well it’s a challenge for me, and i’m a bit lost.

Thanks by advance for your tips and advices.

A resolution of 300 dpi for a billboard of that size is utter overkill. Just saying.

I seem to recall a “Render Region” addon that takes care of splitting large renders into multiple parts. Let me see if I can find it.

Do you think something like that would work? (
I haven’t tried this yet, but i’m planning to do that later. If you ever used, would it work?

Please setup the path and format to use the part by part rendering method with the shortcut CTRL+B, for example:

  1. Use th shortcut CTRL+B to choose the area part in the view mode

  2. Press F12 to start rendering

  3. Press CTRL+B, choose the next part in the view mode.
    Note: Please allow some overlapping in the adjoining areas so that you can easily combine them after all of the rendering

  4. After all of the parts rendering, use Photoshop to combine all of the separate parts.


If you go for Foxrenders method… enable crop aswell… will significantly reduce the ram usage at save time(instead of saving a huge image for each chunk). Will take a little longer setting up the file but if you are running into ram problems probably the best.

We did 42k x 21k renders a while back without border rendering (which i made many bug reports for :P)… we used amazon ec2 to render because we could hire servers with ridiculous amounts of ram… some of the ec2s support up to 2TB of ram IIRC

As someone said aswell, 300dpi is definetly overkill for a billboard though… maybe try and ask for 150dpi? that will be 1/4th the amount of rendering needed!

You should definitely consult your printing company about the required resolution…
I wouldn’t be surprised if they ask for 75 dpi or even lower res images anyway, as the viewing distance for this will be so large that no one will see a difference and any more resolution is just a waste of ressources.

Rule of thumb: 1 inch at 600 dpi = 1 foot at billboard print.
So, if your billboard is roughly 46 x 10 feet, think of an image with 46 x 10 inch @ 600 dpi = 27600 x 6000 pixels.

OKay, thank you so much for your help guys. I will take a look to the Foxrender solution and i think i will definitively lower the resolution… 150dpi would be perfect. I’ll first ask to the print company if the render size output of 27600*6000 would fit. I should spare time if it’s okay for them. Nobody will have the nose on the billboard so for me it’s already okay :stuck_out_tongue: .