Huge Scale Modeling

Is there any way to model very large scenes in Blender? I’m unable to find a way to work with something actually sized to 1 mile. This is for an animation that would include flyovers of fields, along highways etc. so there has to be a sense of great depth to everything. How can I do this without either making something insanely large or having the vertices way too close together?

modelling: you’ll need small things, details, that the eye will recognize to set scale (lamp posts, houses, etc) they don’t have to be detailed, but they need to be well distributed.

Post processing – use lens distortion and mist to give a blue hint as things go off in the distance. This is what happens in reality – distant objects take on a blue tint because air scatters blue light more than red and green.

see examples :

and now, post processing lens distortion and mist :

So, essentially model in “miniature”? Are there any specific camera settings that would help make miniaturized models look more true-to-size? Perhaps some sort of tilt-shift technique

yes i think there is. Ive not had any problem

As long as objects are proportional to each other correct to actual objects, the actual working scaling for the models should be irrelevant.

Can you elaborate on what your specific problem is? I’ve built similar scenes covering hundreds of square km at 1:1 scale (1 Blender Unit = 1 m) without any particular trouble. My experience is that working at full scale is simpler than doing things in miniature because everything relates back to the real world without the need for any conversions.