Huggin' up the big MonkeyMan

Hi blender people,

I just rendered out a test animation for a walk sequence.
Please have a look at my MonkeyMan model and feel free to give some
suggestions and comments on that.
I guess the lighting is a little too bright and I used shadow
buffers so the shadows in the face are a little odd…

Best regards,

A good start. I’d only say that he is still a but stiff. Loosen him up a bit, add in some slight variations in movement, a little movement of the head. Unless your after that military precision marching look.

Hi LoopyShane,

good point! I’ll try that. But for now I’m happy that he
walks finally :slight_smile: It took me some time to get the rig
right and this animation is just to see if the rig is
working okay.

Thanks for the comment!

best regards,

Just commented on the video

i would agree with Loopyshane with relax him a little bit, and I’d say hes good to go (add some props and a story and it would be awesome)

yeah, the story… hmmm… That is quite some problem in a way.
I’m not a good story teller… For now I’m working on some lip sync
stuff… I’ll post it here in the next hour or so…

stand by,

so, now he can talk a little bit as you can see and hear. somehow the last few frames were skipped
by youtube - since it works ok here with my QT-player I blame it on youtube…
I guess the lip sync is ok for a 20 minutes job…


EDIT: I changed the animation by adding a few frames at the start/end so youtube does not skip them…