Hugh Aurora: Starfighter 49

My first real space cartoon. This is the most fun I’ve had yet. In Blender I mean.

  • Hodges

This is awesome! I really like the star field. The character animation could be better, but it’s decent. I love the style in this! great work!

The animation could be improved, you should maybe spend some time watching references (both cartoon and real). The movements are too symmetric, try offsetting the right side from the left a bit. For example around 0:35, would look much better if the right side was moving just 2-3 frames ahead of the left side.
But as a whole very nice, made me smile.

@Owldude, @ania,

Thanks for your ideas. I am trying to go as fast as possible in a production sense, pushing myself to produce a certain number of frames out the door each day (and ending up with compromises). You know, storyline, thumbnails, scene realization, audio, animating, compositing, rendering and then editing and finally promotion and distribution. The actual animating is getting lost in the shuffle. And its the most important part!

Well, actually planning is probably equally important. With the goal of story-telling speed, I kept my rigs and models as simple as possible. But I’m finding out the limitations as I go.