hugh laurie model

So the past couple days I have been modeling Hugh Laurie and I wanted to show you guys because I could really use some critiques and help from the community.


Here is a picture of the man I am modeling for reference:

This is the first time I have ever done any sculpting so I am always looking for constructive criticism.
I would also like to know what the best way to texture this model will be once I am done with the sculpting.
Honestly I have never tried doing a realistic head like this before and so I do not know the best way to go about texturing it.

sorry for the off topic post but is it just me or are his eyes in the picture pointing in two different directions?

Not sure, but if they are its slight and unintended. Not to be rude but I would like to stay more on topic. :]


Before I give much critique, I’ll point out that I was planning to model his head at one point and there is a huge abundance of good reference images, including the one you posted at much higher resolutions. for example.

If you have heaps of reference already then feel free to ignore, but if you go to or whatever and select images over 2mp in size (in advanced search now I think) then you will start to get much better results for a current celebrity/actor like Hugh Laurie. Press photos and such.

As for critique, the main thing that jumps at me is the back of his skull. The face itself is a good start, especially seeing as you haven’t done this sort of thing before. It seems that the rest of his skull seems rather shrunken. Bringing the forehead out, making the skull taller and bringing it back out a bit at the back of his head would help overall proportions I think.

As for texturing, have you uv unwrapped the mesh? You will need to at some point, and if sculpting you will need to do one of two things. Unwrap the lowest level of the sculpt, or sculpt away and then use the retopology tools to ‘trace’ a new mesh over the top. Then unwrap that one. - help on uv unwrapping if you don’t know what that is yet. - long pdf tutorial on texturing a human face for realism using photos. A bit outdated and perhaps long winded, but I wrote it so I’m allowed to say so… - video version of the previous tutorial method. If that helps you more than a written tutorial. I’ve been meaning to update them a bit, but its a priorities thing. More fun stuff to do. :slight_smile:

Looking forward to seeing this progress. Also looks like you are (relatively) new to the forums, so welcome if noone has said so yet, hope you enjoy your time here!

The thing that stands out the most to me is the lack of a jaw line coming off the ear.

Notice how there is a visible jaw line coming off the ear to the chin. Your model looks like it is missing that part of the jaw bone.

Ben, thank you for the critiques! I actually had someone else tell me the same thing about the head a short time after I read this. So far I have that front image and a perfect side reference, although I did just notice that you can find larger sizes of images on google images so I will definitely be updating my references.
I have not unwrapped it yet because I wanted to get the sculpting down before I did but that will be the first thing I do when I start texturing, I cant wait to start messing around with the skin tutorial.
Jdob, Thanks for pointing that out, I had no idea his jawline starts at his ear until I saw that photo, I will have to mess with that.
Unfortunately I don’t have an update yet because I just spent my whole day cleaning out a garage but I am still very much into this project and will have an update as soon as I can.

So I now understand projection painting and now my issue is finding the right images, I tried testing it with that view and a side view I had of him looking at a balloon but the problem is he changes is hair length, shaves his beard and the lighting is different in ed. most of the pics on the web so if anyone can help me find some good references that will work together it would be appreciated, I am still on the hunt myself.

maaaybe you should just put actual hairs on him??

try faking what you can’t get reference images of by using images of other people.

I thought about using particles for the hair but then I have no idea how to get realistic skin.

Yeah I might have to but even then it is still really hard to get good pictures that work together…

I’d say overhaul the topology. There are some great head modeling tutorials on the interwebs. Post a picture of the wireframe.

sorry, have to update quick, I will try to post a wire later tonight.

working on the skin and still sculpting some details.

I like what your doing, but I noticed that the forehead isn’t quite there yet, I noticed you made some changes since first post, also I noticed that if you follow the jawline up toward the ear that it slopes upward to midear in the photo of him with the turned profile could the ear be too small? (maybe it’s just me). again I like what your doing keep it up!