Hugo's Sketchbook : Topology practice with Star wars Characters

Hey Guys,
I decided a few days ago after looking at some of the unfinished star wars episodes to try and recreate some of the characters from the film as practice for topology, its been pretty fun so far. Note models left untextured for the moment, will probably finish that off when I feel completely comfortable with modelling.

This is of Cad Bane, this is the third i’ve done. (Click for full resolution)

Here is the second one (Commando droid)

And here was my first attempt at an episode 6 scout.

Any comments / suggestions welcome!

These look wonderful!

Thanks, I’ll probably do more next week, Exams for now :frowning:

Hey guys,
Another post after a while of absence, This one isn’t star wars but before I go on to anything more complex like star fighters or AT-TE’s I wanted some more practice with something a little easier, but with some interesting shapes that might challenge me on a small scale.

Below I’ve created from reference images the L86A2 Light Support Weapon. Some basic textures done with cycles materials. (Click on image for higher quality)

Any comments / suggestions welcome!

I’m excited to see more Star Wars stuff! I tried to make a TIE Fighter when I first started Blender, but we all know how those things go…

Anyway, hopefully you get the time to work on those other models soon! Keep up the good work!

Thanks, I’ve found doing star wars stuff really good for getting better at blender , a lot of the geometry is complex but there isn’t a lot of tiny details to worry about. Thinking of doing the arc fighter next, though currently working on an abandoned cold war bunker , i reckon the ark fighter will probably be started next week and posted some time after that :slight_smile:

Currently working on the at-rt from the clone wars, will update in a week or so.

Hey guys,
I just finished the AT-RT i mentioned in my last post so here it is now!
Its not textured yet but it will be done in 501st colors and decals, The lighting is based off of the battle of umbara from the clone wars tv series and I think I’ve got it pretty well now. (Click for high res)

Note: Floating ep6 scout head is paceholder :slight_smile: Eventually I will get round to modelling the cline wars scout trooper to go on top.

Any comments / suggestions welcome!


Cool sketchbook! Recognized Bane right away :smiley:

Thanks Gradyp,
Working on slave 1 at the moment, once I get back after summer break I’m going to start going through in depth materials, shaders and textures so my models pop a bit more.


Hey guys,
so this is my latest post thank to a great article on which explains shaders a-z.
I used what I learned from it to create this shader for my ep 6 scout model.

And the node network for it here:

Any comments welcome :slight_smile: