HULK #2 New Model Heavier. Animated

A new version of HULK. This time he looks a lot heavier than the first one. Better anatomy as well.





yes smashing everything…destruction !

I think the hulk would be able to do a lot more with a tank, in the film(from about 2000 i think), he gets the gun from the top and throws it over the horizon.

So you are asking money for a character that is owned by Disney Corp? At least change the name (and skin color?). Disney has lots of lawyers.

Selling this is definitely trademark infringement.

Not that Disney is anyone to feel sympathy for, but making money off of someone else’s intellectual property like this is an affront to independent artists who struggle trying to make a living creating original works. There’s no reason to simultaneously insult everyone else; if you want to strike out against Disney, just pirate their movies!

Don’t even bother with the copyright infringement comments. This guy is incredibly INCREDIBLY ignorant. This is the second time he’s done this and hasn’t listened to anyone
Here’s what I mean:

By the way, on a more constructive note, your character animation is incredibly robotic. Try smoothing it out some.

Sorry if I am stealing hamburgers out of your mouth…he he.:evilgrin:
If you are so upset about this, well I have something better that will keep you awake for a few nights…I am working on a new model…coincidentally his name is Ratatouille! See the screen shots…so you can have a few nightmares on my name…he he

I look at your gallery…you have not a single piece of work considered as finished ! It seems you quit in the middle…is that frustration related? Please do not release your frustration and your low self-esteem feelings with my raw models.

Keep it up my boy, fight for your hamburgers !:eek:


Ha ha…this is funny: Hadrian? Is that your new nickname you CLOWN? I know who you are.
I can believe that you have just SIGNED UP for a new account here just to release your frustration and your feelings of mediocre inferior humanoid in my thread? You want to remain anonymous because your work just SUCK ! :no: What a looser that really makes me laugh ! See it to believe it.

My boy you must see Psychiatric help, this thing is killing you…LET IT GO…so you are ashamed that people can know who you are eh? You have just opened a new account to follow me? I feel so sorry for you…GET A LIFE ! Be a man not just the funny clown of my former thread! Look at the screen shots…ups…RATATOUILLE sorry…“any likeness is just mere coincidence my loyal clown”…:wink:

If you weren’t so ignorant you’d realize I signed up for the forums WAY before your last copyright infringement. I’m my own person you tool. I just decided to watch the other thread from a distance and not get involved in the hopes that this wouldn’t happen again…

Also…take a look at your profile picture. I think we BOTH know who the clown is. Hint: it’s you.

As for ratatouille…you didn’t even get the character’s name correct if you’re trying to infringe the copyright, and your model’s resemblance to remy is minimal. Of course it’s not like you could make anything halfway decent if you tried anyway…

You sir are ignorant.

Have a nice life. I hope you get sued.

:evilgrin: YEAH right ! My loyal Clown…Have you realized that this forum has “Search tools in the Control Panel?” Everything is there goofy ! You just signed up for a new account to remain anonymous because you have shame for yourself…a COWARD…or may be you just want to play the TROLL because you are a solitaire man in front of the computer with not talent may be? Get Blender…spend some time making something…learn something instead of wasting your time signing up for new accounts… LOOSER !:evilgrin:

Wow tool clown. I really hope you understand how retarded you sound.

I joined the blender artists forums in January. How do you keep thinking that I just now signed up to harass you? This isn’t a new account, and I’m no one but myself. You sir either can’t read or are incredibly ignorant. I choose to believe the second option.

…and I think you have such angry responses because you’re jealous of the creative artists around here with true talent, and you can’t come up with anything original. You have to copy other people’s ideas to get around.

Could one of the admins please close this thread before it gets out of hand?

he he you are funny…goofy.:spin:

The Forum tools said: YOU JUST SIGNED IN…PERIOD…Do not confuse people here.:stuck_out_tongue:

You are the TROLL that’s why you got a new Account…No time for TROLLS…you want to be funny…Sorry no time for that.:frowning:

I wouldn’t bother with this guy

he doesn’t seem to think he is stealing other people’s IP - “he has arguments under the table” (whatever that means)

  • but really the only thing that would make this legal is if Marvel has given him permission (“under the table”?)

and it seems that all the arguments he has “over the table” are just to plain insult people
and call them a CLOWN or Goofy

but what would I know - I learn things from the street

hey - here’s an idea Armando
why don’t you create a ripped of version of Disney’s “Goofy”
and then every time you have to insult somebody by calling then Goofy you can offer them a free Down load

I think that would be great for your illegal business

(and to answer you question from the other thread - no I didn’t send you and email pretending to be Marvel
I have better things to do with my time - like create original ideas)

on the model itself- yes it much better than the down syndrome or “healthy” version of the Hulk you were selling last time -
and now it actually looks more like the Hulk

but the animation can be heaps better - especially the walk cycle (which you are including in the file)
the front foot on the contact pose hits the ground flat when the heel should contact first
rotate his foot because it looks like he is trying to sneak or something

You’re probably right. This guy is a hopeless cause, and I have better things to be doing that arguing with worthless bottom-feeding ten-year-olds anyway.

I repeat myself. I hope you get sued blenderguy2008. have a nice life in prison.

yep - he’s and idiot
he used the “forum search tool” - and it told him that you just created a new account

look above the post count Blenderguy2008
it says he Joined in January - that’s 9 months ago unless you are Michael J Fox…PERIOD

yeah right ! with only 5 POSTS ALL TO MY THREAD !:stuck_out_tongue:

WOW…look who has decided to come forward finally ! Mr Hadrian ups sorry Mr Waylow!

What do we have here? Waylow talking to himself in a solitaire monologue…Ha ha! I knew it…then do not complain if I call you The CLOWN ! Right? The good thing is I just have to reply once !:eyebrowlift:

He posts and then he replies to himself by log in from other account (Hadrian)…saying: yeah yeah Waylow you are right this guy is an idiot my partner…what a JOKE…you need medical help URGENT…If I were you I would call 911 before it gets worst…:yes:

Love this idea…thanks so much Mr Hadrian…sorry Mr Waylow. I just came out with my own sketch…hope to not infringe any copyright law…but this is the best goofy character that I could come out with…My own inspiration !

You may download it since it would not last long…I will remove it in a few hours to avoid my intellectual property being hacked by any member of this forum… for you Waylow it is free, for the rest, Sorry $ 5 in CASH.

i am working on the model…I have to remove the goofy T-Shirt…Sorry it does not help at all. ( Friendly Advice ).

“any resemblance with any goofy humanoid comedian is just mere coincidence”:RocknRoll:


nice animation :slight_smile:
looks like you put a lot of work into this, it definately deserves more stars