Hulk 2

The final scene of my hulk piece. Enjoy!


How can you make the fire?? (Is post-pro or direct make it in blender??) Damn realistic!!

Very well scene and concept. Happy blending!!

That sign pushes it from nice to great. Well done!

thank you! i learned ALOT making this scene. The fire was at first done in blender with alpha mapped planes using a masked photo of flames…but it was disrupting the bump mapped brick wall even with shading off and on, and z transparency turned to many layers,
so i used photoshop with masked flames and transparency on another layer to make the flames. they make the scene though dont they?

i would like it if as many people as possible voted on this image, enough to get a star rating.
thank you

-tai bo (terence)

I strongly recommend doing some anatomy studies as Mr Banner’s alter ego looks rather unhealthy. Nice job on the flames though.

Nice fire. Scene looks like in game one.

very nice dude

is it just me, or are you using the same flame image for each burning object?

one thing you could’ve worked more is lighting… to really get the mood for hot place.


I’m sorry to say it, but I don’t like your image. I can’t put my finger on it, but there is something about it that is VERY wrong.

zarnik, i busted my ass on this image, and i respect all oppinions, but unless you can give some sort of concrete reason as to why you don’t like it, then i can’t take your comment seriously.

I think I know what it is. Your image looks a little bit rasterized, like you didn’t use AO, giving it a strange noobish feel (it sure doesn’t look noobish, it’s just that having no AO gives renders a noobish feel, ya know what I mean?). About the Hulk himself, apperently you are a very good modeler! Great job!

i am not a huge hulk fan, but looks great none the less.

thank you :slight_smile:

I think I know what it is, there is nothing wrong with the modeling. But I think it’s the layout…and the fact that the floor is burning. And maybe it could be the lightning too…not sure…

made a image. But hey it everything in the image looks great, but the layout and the lighting isn’t the best…


hi terence,
nice image you’ve put together there :wink: though i have some crits for ya :

the composition ain’t that good, i was distracted too much by the flames in the front.
and for a moment or two i didn’t even saw that was the hulk.
about the scene… so much flames and still such a dark image?

anyway, giving crits is easy, i praise you for you’re courage to complete this image :wink:
and you’re modeling truly is nice as said.

I noticed a few people make the comment that with all the flame it should be brighter, however if you’ve ever seen a room burning, the smoke makes the whole room dark and over powers the flame. I’ve studied in fire sciences and seen a few rooms burn and this didn’t loo0k to far off, light wise.

Only crits are Hulks mid section appears to be a little long and a bit to much happening at about the same distance from the camera. Still a very strong showing. good job.