HULK Animation

Testing this new Model named: HULK like the movie:D
Very short demo.

Watch it Here



I am very fond of Hulk movie and seen it 7 times.Its really dangerous movie with lots of Action and fights and destruction.I will also like to animate hulk in my way.As their should be some costume for huge sized hulk and he should have some weapons with him.Anyways I like the demo and keep going, I will be back with you again.

i do believe hulk needs a change from human animation as well for realism

Ha! That’s not the Hulk, it’s Ben Affleck all roided up!!!

he he

Kewl, by the way…

Yeah it definitely needs some mass destruction weapons on him…

thanks for your comment !

Looks promising, except the model itself. The hands are disproportionately large (even for the Hulk) and the upper torso too narrow, both side-to-side (no lats) and front to back (flat pecs.) Take some time to study the imagery out there for him as well as other body-builder proportions. Also, he’s a little too large in proportion to that Blackhawk (unless its just a scale-model-drone… don’t know if the military has come up with those yet, and if they did, they wouldn’t look like Blackhawks :D)

Shows potential, tho!

well well, my own style of Hulk…no steroids:evilgrin:

thanks for your comment

ha ha I do not know who is that Ben Afflech character but I would definitely search for…:evilgrin:

thanks for your comment.

excellent animation, im curious, what fps did you animate at?

25 FPS…:smiley:

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