hulk rigging (with a little problem)

hi all

i got this nice hulk from a friend and i say i gonna rig it for you

i rig the right side of the body ( with muscle deformations and such) and i think i wil just cut him in half, copy the whole mesh and rig together and then mirror it and rename the bones

but geuss what ( i think i’m missing some fundamental stuff here or something)
when (after i mirrored it) i go into edit mode of the rig and back to obj mode the whole rig starts to go weird (it’s like some of the bones just snap to a random spot but i can’t figure out why)

so you know (if you want to see a super cool animation of the hulk :p:eyebrowlift2:) could somebody help me please



its ok i found a solution already

still find it weird though


what was your solution in case someone else is having the same issue.

Yep, I’ve had this problem: I’ve had to build both halves of my meshes… what’s your solution?