Hulk Speed Scuplt

I decided to give my game a small break. Then I thought what do I want to do… Sculpt!

I did this in 1 and a half hours, hence the speed part. I am mostly worried about my muscle anatomy. I want it to be correct, but hulk style(Huge)

BTW I was too lazy to render it… :o
C&C welcome.


add some vegetation to him (and maybe a tree trunk for his lower extremities) and this would be a badass Swamp Thing!!

Muscles are very nice, but his face needs work, (eye’s and mouth particularly)
Other than that I really like it.

For the most part, the arms look pretty decent. The main problem is that the biceps are sorta merging with the pecs and this is mainly because in profile his deltoids aren’t wide enough and the rest of his arm is too wide. I understand its supposed to be an exagerated style, but I think it’d help quite a bit. In the front view the deltoids should be overlapping more of the pecs by coming in more towards the center.

As for his torso, it definitely needs a bit of work. His pecs are a bit too round overall I think, and his abs are too wide. They should not reach to the edges of his silhouette in the front view. His Lats and obliques should be visible on the sides.

Anyway, what I suggest is taking a careful look at some realistic anatomical diagrams, illustration or reference photos and exaggerating some of the forms as you see fit, but keeping in mind which muscles overlap and should be visible from certain angles, just to make it look better overall.

Excalaberr what is you base mesh?? Cause I don´t think you are going to get too far if your base mesh is too simple. My advise is that you model some basic humanoid mesh, and sculpt over that one.

The reason I’m saying you might not get far with it is because blender manages up to 5 to 10 million polygons (if you have more than 5 it will get really choppy) in sculpt mode if you have enough RAM, and even that amount of polygons may not deliver enough detail if your base topology is not good.

Apart from that, keep it up!!

Considering you made this in 1.5 hours I will say you have good concept of proportions. The whole mesh has the Hulk likeness. However as someone said, the bicep is touching the chest, the deltoids looks strange and a bit distorted if you look that in detail. I have not doubt that if you put 8 hours in a model it will come out quite nice. I guess tryng to fix this one could take you some time. Better to start with a humanoid figure and bump musles as you need. Well that’s my thought you might have faster skills sculpting, I only use extrusion when modeling.

Keep it up

Thanks for the critics. I worked on the biceps and shoulder area, The deltoids are wider, and the biceps don’t touch the pecs. I also worked on the pecs, I flattened them a little, and squared them off a bit. I shorted the abs and the lats and obliques are more visible. I should also mention that this is my 2nd sculpted person, and am doing this purely for extending my knowledge of anatomy.

I also changed the material, so its easier on the eyes.


Its definitely starting to look a lot better, but seeing as you’re interested a lot in improving you anatomy skills, I think you should definitely try to push it even further in the right direction. By this I don’t mean you must not exagerate the muscles, but just try to define their shapes a bit better. Some of them are still a bit blob like in appearence. However, as jpbouza said, doing this properly with the kind of base mesh you have at the moment is probably not possible, especially with blender’s sculpting because it simply requires too much RAM. You should seriously consider doing some retopology if you really want the best out of this project.

That said, I’d again like to reiterate that you’ve already improved it quite a bit… so…

YOU CAN DO IT! :slight_smile:

Also pat yourself on the back for getting this far on your second sculpt with that horrible topology :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

definitely looking a lot better…it has some look of a humanoid of mass destruction. I am assuming that you still have some work to do there…still the topology is not concise and looks a bit as a rough clay model. How many polygons are we talking about here? Would you post a wire frame shot?:smiley: