Here is another piece I am working on and close to finishing. It is my interpretation of the Incredible Hulk.


That looks awesome! I don’t really see anyplace to crit! Great work!!

He is green. joking Huargh.
Where are left hand and foot are gone to? But whats needs improvement is abdomen muscles to few indention and to unsharp. And at upperarm i cant se some evidence of the basilica vein.

cool work!! hope to see it animated!! ^^

How did you make the cloths im doing a project for BWC and im having trouble with the cloths

hey thanks for the feedback! for the cloth, i just made a basic mesh from box modeling of the shorts, then subdivided quite a bit, and sculpted with it…i figure i will sculpt it like painting (with subsurf on), then maybe decimate it and texture it would be a nice way. For the material settings, low to no specularity, and use a jean texture with a little bump mapping.
good luck!

here is a shot with updated lighting of hulk wading through water…final shot will have him fully rigged, screaming at the camera with added rain effects and included missing hand.


WAY TOO DARK i cannot see anything…

But i like the 1st image

sorry no crits

here are some more shots where i’ve been working on the lighting and specularity.


I like the first image. Yep the others are too dark.

Uhm. Maybe it would save you time to use the mirror modifier first. Then work on making it less symmetric later. :wink:

perhaps too dark again :slight_smile: maybe this is better.


these are all too dark for me to see except for the very first image. I can see his teeth, lol.

for the sake of being able to see, im gonna just light it really well for now/ the final scene will be the hulk in a rain storm.


Wowser dude. This is a serious render you have made. Keep up the good work.

the model look’s good, but it the muscle’s are far too defined, im assume your aiming for realism?

here is what i would do to the model;

  1. look at refrence’s of male body builder’s and study how the mucles flow into one another, i.e. the muscle’s that come down from the neck and sit above the shoulder’s just seem to end quite harshly into the shoulder area, they should flow etc etc.

  2. the skin is good, but the material need’s tweaking, try lowering the spec and nor value’s and add some SSS, make it very subtle but this will add definition to the model. also try setting up a 3 point light system (back, side, front/ angle) with colours (blue, yellow, white)…

  3. the facial expression shows me shock, not anger and rage, try hunching up some of his muscles i.e. shoulder muscles, neck muscles etc and make him slightly hunch forward, either that or just give him a normal default expression.

  4. the ankles look a little fat (not big, but fat) try adding some definition from the underlying muscle and bones.

that’s just my suggestions though :slight_smile:

i like it so far man, ill be watching this one :slight_smile:

The eye socket has way too sharp of an edge to it. I love the overall look of this. It really looks like the hulk. The hair looks pretty good except it kind of looks like a toupee. You have something strange going on with the deltoids. Take a look at this: and As you can see they connect further forward.

If he is in anger doesn’t his veins on the throat have to bulge. I call that effect a “Schreihals” german for shout throat/neck. Not very nice if a girl having it, even if she is a singer and performs like that.

It’s awesome! The hair looks like a hedgehog though.

i’ve been tinkering around with making a whole scene for the hulk, since i think just having him stand there is a wee bit boring for now. i used to work at this factory, and although it was miserable and you couldn’t see daylight from within, it had really inspiring ways to put textures and lighting and architecture to good use. so this is gonna be him freaking out in a burning factory.


okay, so i’ve been working hard on getting this right…the key is simplicity, i started on the details too early, before i even put the textures on the wall…and too much lighting can spoil the broth.
but i’ve got one problem, the hulk has lost all his detail, and he has jagged alias lines in the final render…im thinking it has to do with the ray transparency of the plane of fire that is in front of him.
i know this is a problem with the fresnel now, but not sure how to fix it.