I’m redoing the Hulk mesh that I made two years ago,so any critic will help.:evilgrin:


need to see more of the body

The face is ok?

Mouth pose/shape looks a bit odd - perhaps you hadn’t done much with it but he needs to be baring teeth and looking all super-angry-badass. Otherwise it looks pretty good :slight_smile:

I will try to soften that area of the face.

Hope you’ll like it.

Use sss for the skin material.

I will try that if it work. to see more of the body

Would you be willing to share this model on blendswap?

:spin:yes,hope to finish before the film come out.


what’s up with his shoulders?

I quest you have not seen the cartoon Hulk planet…

No I haven’t but does he have bones sticking up from his shoulders in it?

Those are not bones - are shoulder caps for battle in the arena.

Ohhh – I see – OK – I would recommend a different material then, metal or something

Yes, that will be later after I get the feel how it will look and work with armatures bones.