Hulu - new movie platform: series - movies

Watching Ice Age right now in HD quality:

They have a wide selection of series and movies.
Check it out.

doesnt work in great britain so its crap in my opinion :S
might be good, but anything thats limited to u.s is poor in my opinion :frowning:

No I agree with you.

Because I would love to watch / rent some movies inside Germany here in the USA
but I cannot. This IP system sucks …

But the quality of Hulu is amazing - very crisp and clear.
Flash truly made it into a great platform to provide content.

Is this even legal?

We had to pay to get our DVD of Ice Age.

I assume it is legal.

Not all movies are complete - some are only clips.

Streaming the episodes seems not to be a problem
because the main channels air it as well.

Today the market changes anyway. The model of pay for
movie is getting more and more replaced by low quality
presentation with on screen adds which fund the system.

MP3 is seen by many as a decrease of music quality and experience.
The same is with online movies. the sound is not 5.1 surround.
Apples iTunes movies show heavy compression artifacts.

But that is more and more what people like to use. I have to say
I hardly use my surround system. I just watch the movies online
or Blockbuster and listen through my apple ispeakers.

So they predict that this type of content presentation is more
and more raising. Well it is the digital hub they talk about since years.

I love hulu!

There are similar networks like veoh and joost, and its all legal and free.

check them out:

Google’s “current” is pretty neat too: