Hum & Ming, short animation about a couple of hummingbirds (WIP Thread)

Hi everyone :slight_smile:

I am just starting on a new project. I have made the complete switch from windows to Ubuntu Studio 12.10 and loving it :slight_smile: Its fast, has all the tools required for my needs :slight_smile:

So I decided to create another animation project, this one a little bit more ambitious :slight_smile: Having 2 interacting characters with a nice story, with nice dialogues and story telling :slight_smile: I plan on getting the entire scenario finished really soon as well as storybaord and voice over storyboard animatic. I just got myself a good condensor mic for better audio quality :slight_smile:

I really just started and don’t want to give away all details right now, but I started with some quick color conceptions and here is the first one I got, based on references and cartooned up so it has a nice visual style :slight_smile:

I haven’t digitally painted in a while, so I feel a bit rusted, please don’t be too harsh on your crits :slight_smile: (Done with MyPaint 1.1.0 which totally ROCKs btw :P, in about 40 mins!)

Happy Blending :wink:

I like the conceptual art. Look forward to seeing more.

Can’t wait to see how this turns out! Good Luck :smiley:

btw, I find it really hard to come up with idea’s for my first short! Do you have any idea’s that you’ve ditched that I can build up on???
PM me if you do :slight_smile:

Frobenius: Thanks :slight_smile: I’ll get more done tomorow :wink:

Nathan: Well, most of the ideas I ditched was because they were too big for a 1 and 2 man team :stuck_out_tongue: So, the only thing I can think of telling you is, think small, and go withing the limit of your knowledge. Instead of making a project to learn everything at once, instead, go with baby steps, make a project based on what you need to learn first. Try going cartoony since it renders a lot faster and gives you more creative freedom :wink: Use your surrounding to inspire you :slight_smile:

Happy Blending :wink:

Thanks man :smiley: I’ll think extra hard and hopefully I’ll be able to start creating it in 3d in March :slight_smile: This’ll be fun!

Nathan: That’s the spirit man :wink: It has to be fun :slight_smile:

Love the concept art man…its exactly what I imagined:) Cant wait for more:)

Derek: :slight_smile: doesn’t surprise me too much, we sorta think alike me and you :stuck_out_tongue:

Here is another quick color concept, trying to get a feel for both Hum & Ming :slight_smile:

I am having fun with MyPaint :slight_smile:
I am thinking of doing the entire storyboard this way :stuck_out_tongue: Just for the practice :wink:

Happy Blending :slight_smile:

Looking good :smiley: I am just learning how to start a short film! Reading Animation Essentials by Andy Beane! Have you read it before??? Definitely has a lot of things that I’ve never even thought about :slight_smile: