Hum3D-2020 Annual Car / Vehicle Challenge

Hello all. I finally found the “works in progress” section for my first “proper car modelling” attempt for the annual “Hum3D” challenge that ends on the 8th of December and has been done over 3 months.

(This is the final render added after entry was submitted)

Unfortunately for me I had to do quite a few tutorials just to get any skills to build a car.
I used the “Grant Abbit - Grass tutorial” , a video on “hdris just got better” for the environment lighting and the dome scene ( though no actual bump/normal/displacement other than albedo was available even though it would be nice to have had a map for one). I modeled the car using a classic-mini-blueprint but in hindsight it was a mistake to do this as it is a “rounded car” that makes modelling much harder especially with boolean’s and alike.

The rest of the car details will be added as quickly as I am able with my motivation and work-routine-doing-mandatory-overtime etc. Unless I get an amazingly simple idea for the scene though, I assume I am winning no prizes due to the lack of computer power compared to others, and skills / experience.

Honestly it was not what I wanted to build and I have deleted various models that did not get used or finished because of a lack of experience, time or just imagination. I have shown the “deleted items” also. I don’t know if I will continue with Blender due to the such poor level of my skills after a few years of messing with it and its constant interface changes. But at least I have finished a few image renders and not nothing.

I don’t get paid for this so everything was done with Blender. No Substance painter or paid adds-ons, only the free ones like images as planes and alike. Images were nearly all taken from and are public domain for my use, or are textures from and alike.

I know this is only a basic model but looking at how long I have been playing with this stuff, it looks very poor to me. Mainly because of the lack of “remembering the not very often used skills”, or a 2012 hp-notebook with 8gb-ram and amd8 with r5 integrated graphics. But I know I can do better with no time limit; but then it would just take a lifetime of tweaks :smile:

The blueprint general building practice of the classic mini

The remodeled shape of the mini image and model

The re-model again, of a tighter vehicle space for a two seat position

An early wheel rim and tread I was not happy with

The new rims (though could have lowered the poly count a lot with experience)

Suspension-wheels-brakes ( went a bit overboard and should have limited this in hindsight)

Grass particles and an old color scheme for the car before dirt and grime in procedural’s

This is a seat I modeled but have not used and may do or rebuild (may have deleted? = other car shape)

This is the “blenderstackexchange” node someone gave me to have two different colours for the body and interior that I may still re-apply if I have time, to the “base”.

This is the first unfinished render of the scene with a lot of work to do including hide the “cube”. :smile:

hopefully I will do much better in the remaining time left and polish this, well lets be nice, collage of stuff that hopefully works out. Originally I was going for a one seater vehicle that if “God” permits, and gives motivation for, I will do more accurately to what I was hoping for. The problem I had was the visual idea of appropriate shape came too late for the “solo-car”.

This is an off-road/ / rally / atv vehicle with all wheel drive, ideally. With enough boot space for a wheel and bags. In a field? I will see how to finish the “story” of the location this week if I am able/permitted. I will post the final render after I have submitted it to “hum3d” as it is required to be a “first posting” thanks for looking, if anyone did…

The last image is the setup of the hdri dome with backfacing removed.

There are a lot of other bits I messed with but the details and items are deleted or not relevant anyway. It just shows how much time can be wasted without an actual defined image in the first place. That’s the problem with designing entirely different vehicles to personal shape and size, it takes ages.

Hope this is not too rubbish to be of use later on :slight_smile:

“Grant Abbit - Grass tutorial”
“Default Cube - hdris just got better”

failure = no hdri background allowed, darn, it was rushed too quick to alter.