Human Anatomy (First Time Sculpting)

Hello all!

So, I thought I should probably get into sculpting. I sort of always put anatomy on the sideline because I heard people complain about how hard it is (and I haven’t even gotten into retopology which is my next tricky task). Anyways, I was working on a head and I wanted to show what I was working on and see if I was making mistakes with any proportions.

I understand the ears are connected to the head. They were the last thing I was working on and I’m not sure how to separate them. If anyone has any tips and tricks that would be greatly appreciated!

The thing with ears is that the part which is actually connected to the head is quite small in comparison to the circumference of the outer ear. From where you are, it’s going to be a real hassle to build that out. I’d be tempted to flatten it and try again. The rest is looking pretty kickass, especially for a first attempt.

Where the jaw turns upwards towards the ear looks lumpy. Like it’s missing a piece. The ear isn’t attached like that. It’s more like a satellite dish.

Nice sculpt man! Do not let anatomy scare you, use a lot of references and that will help you! I think your sculpt looks very nice, especially considering that it’s your first. Regarding the ears, I’d recommend adding a second object that you box model to a rough ear shape and then mirror to the other side of the head. Then you join them using the ‘Union’ Boolean operator! A lot easier to control in my opinion!