human anatomy proportions?

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I am wondering if anyone knows quick and dirty proportions for human character modelling i.e. the head is x units with respect to torso with respect to legs , feet etc… I learned some of it in an art course but it concentrated mostly on facial proportions. This is for realistic character representation. I would use a mirror, but I hardly represent average proportion. I am more representative of a monkey. Thanks

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Hi there,

I just did a Google with the search term “human proportions drawing”
and came up with all kinds of resources:

Check it out!


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A search would have been the next solution; however, I was afraid to do so in the first place. I usually end with a zillion sites, which try to sell me something, such as pay for view naked human female anatomy. This is why I wanted to ask something with hands- on character animation such as yourself. Good luck with your next character animation submission. I like the stuff on your web site. Keep it up. Thanks, I appreciate your help.

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Well, to be honest: I really haven’t thought much about proportions.
When I model I just fudge it until it looks right – if you keep the
poly-count pretty low on your model you can do this without too
much hassle. Generally though, I make the head, hands, and feet a
bit larger than you would see on any human.


P.S. Thanks for the encouragement!

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Maybe this helps you:

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I remember a point that my visual art prof brought up. Hands and feet are slightly exagggerated (scale them slightly larger)to give the illusion of depth. I suppose the same theory apply to 3d. If I remember correctly, it’s called foreshadowing or forelonging. Michealangelo used it in a marble statue called la Pieta Its the one of Mary holding the body of Christ.

The web sites were great and useful and the mounties won’t be seizing my hard drive because I went there :slight_smile:

Thanks Hos and Karsten


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Though i have really little experience modeling people, each person is different, with different lengths and widths. there really is no “basis” for this, you just need to mess with it till you like it!


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loomis project

in particular:

nuff sed :]

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You may find the High Poly Count male and femaly human models to be useful.


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Those models are pretty good.

Some question about the models found on the site: what is their use/redistributability/licence status? Can we use them in our own scenes and distribute those scenes as we see fit? Can we modify the model and distribute our modified version? Or are they restricted for “private use only, no public display of scenes which use them”?

I couldn’t find any licence information on that site. I’d love it if these models were free for us to use, but one can get in trouble assuming that, alas.

On a related question: does anybody have human figure models of similar quality which are clothed? :slight_smile:


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A lot of these files are from the NAN archive, so they would be limited to personnal use only.


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You folks are quite helpful. Thanks again for the replies and help.