Human armuture rigging problem

Hi I would be greatfull to get help with the human rigg problem, it is when comes to generate the bone structure. As you can see in the pitcure some of the parts moves to another layer. So I cant set auto wieghts with the armature. What wrong am I doing . Thx for the help.

Gaming test rigg.blend (1.99 MB)Gaming test rigg.blend (1.99 MB)


You can move them all to a same layer and then there shouldn’t be any problems?

In the bone layers (top picture) you see the bottom layer, it has 4 dots one of which is selected. Click on the layer next to the one selected. These are the deform bones. If you use these bones to weight paint (or auto weights) your mesh will work with all the other bones. Make sure you hide this layer again after weight painting the mesh.