Human back texturing

I’m working on texturing the rest of the body. Is the texture work okay for the back, or do I need to work on it some more?


Is there supposed to be an image here? I don’t see anything…

Argg, I did it again. Fixed.

…So what do you think about it? Any changes I should make?

Do you have an image of the texture applied? That would help judge it better. However from the looks of the painted texture looks like it may be too flat and a little too pinkish. A common thing to do is to use a photo reference for the bases of your painted map. Good luck.

Okay, here’s the rendered version.


Not too shabby…except for those red lines on his back. Is that intentional?

Well yeah, I tried to add shading based on a reference picture I saw.

Given what I have so far, what should the next step be? Blurring perhaps?

I think you could try to paint a little more to blend those lines into the color of the back so you have a transition.

Okay, I’ve been trying to blend it a bit more.

Are there any tutorials that you would recommend? I’m in kind of a jam here.