Human Body Modeling TIPS?!?

Im a beginner and i modeled a human but I want it to be more uniformed and less random so I don’t have to subsurface after im done. Please share any tips or tricks you have found for this and also any tips for the chest because it baffles me every time.

Why not model the body using sculpting, and retopo it. One can experiment with different mesh layout very quickly:

I’m Not the greatest sculptor lol I just need a low poly count technique that I can smooth to look high

what are you doing with the body? will it be a game character or just something for a 3d animation?

reguardless of the answer to that. i would recommend picking up a good human anatomy book for painters. think about how the muscles lay under the skin and work on getting your edge loops to mimic that structure. you would be surprised how easy it is to get visually pleasing results when you do this step! especially on faces. i would say don’t even bother with box modeling for heads. either sculpt and retopo, or old school vertex by vertex (a critical skill to have anyway, for solving topology issues! ). and lastly. go sign up for the blender cloud, and treat yourself to the blenderela DVD training they have posted up there. once you know a bit, you will be shocked how much you improve by emulating her technique, even if its a little old school/pre sculpting =)

edit: just went up and watched your video. its definitely an interesting way to do it. but it looks like it takes a long time. lots of clicking! if your getting results with that method. you can use the bridge edge loops command to fill those gaps between your leg “panels” then subdivide that whole panel and drag it out a bit to add roundness.

modeling is like programming, theres more than one way to do everything. but theres usually only one “best practice”. there’s plenty of body modeling tutorials on youtube. you look like you know your way around enough to learn the methods just by watching them! good luck!

Thanks man ill definintely look into it and it was originally for a game but i want a universal type one. i also want to try and get a lower polycount or at least not subdivided but i end up putting in to many.