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First time posting here on elYsuin (aside from about my missing e-mail). Here’s the story. I’d been using make human for modeling, (for instance the system isn’t working for me for a number of reasons.

I finally made my own base model and am working it so that everythign can be edited from pose and edit mode. Finally it’s presentable.

here it is
okay so everyone will see my problem. Everything’s fine or acceptable except that face. I mean yea, I can work with it, but I’m thinking the eyes are basically too small, and the nose needs some work. Any suggestions?

I’m sorry but I really don’t have a clue about what you’re doin…
First you have a make human model then mess it up and in the end you come up with something really bad… Why just don’t stick with the mh model???
But if you really want to stick with your model then you should use some reference images. These will show the flaws.
Good luck

needs a lot of improvements. like getting away from this cubish model method. looks pretty inorganic.

AAAK! I was wrong! Anybody else trying to use make human? Maybe you can help me. Whenever I try to have the creature raise its arm, it looks terrible. The under arm goes out not in. Same happense with this new model. I thought making different model might help… but nope. Anybody else have this problem and find out a solution?

you should contact the makehuman people with an email describing your problem. Prefereably a pic of what is happening and a description of what you expect would help.

the contact address is

[email protected]

remove the @nospam

Tom M.