Human Eye

Hi guys,

been a while since I posted here. I made this eye model and shaders to use in future characters. I posted it around the social places and was surprised at the positive feedback so I thought I’d share it with my favorite blender community as well :slight_smile:

Here is the model setup. I made the cornea only cover the iris then it fades away to full transparency (controlled by the grayscale map visible in the screenshot). Worked well for me.

Critique is welcome of course.

Nice job! I would really dial down the amount of capillari in the white of the eye. It is called “white” for a reason :slight_smile: Right now the eye looks a bit like it had quite friday night.

Very well done, Toshi. Though I agree with Margenta: maybe too much little veins in the surface… BTW, are the veins bitmaped or procedural? In the case they are procedural I would be interested in nodetree, if you don’t mind, of course (I’m working currently on eyes for a future character, too). I find your solution to the cornea issue very clever, too. Congratulations!

Have a nice days!

Very nice. I do agree on the aforementioned amount of red. The approach on the cornea is interesting and convincing.

Thanks guys. I absolutely understand what you’re saying about the eye being too red with veins but when used on an actual character it looks ok (sure, that’s “in my opinion”). I will have a character using this eye to show later on. Maybe making the veins a bit less prominent and adding a few thicker ones might work better… I’ll be trying different stuff for sure.

@Mr. Chuan - I painted (using photos) a standard bitmap texture for the color and then edited that to create the bump map, so nothing procedural going on here. So the shader setup is pretty standard - sss, spec, fresnel and textures.

Thank you Toshi, for your quick answer! Have a nice days!

Well done Toshi!