human face displacement

I remember a post here a while back where someone did an animtion of a human face displaceing a plane.

Something like this:

I couldn’t find the post does, anyone remember it?

Anyone have any recommendations on approaching an animation like this?

You can use the BUILD effect to acheive it.

Or, if you are realy brave, you can just make an animation with lots, and lots of keyframes. Then model the face onto the plane and keep on keyframing as you go.

The easy way would be to have a face/head model and a plane with a cloth simulator. But, as you prbbaly know, Blender does not really have that as of yet. :wink:


Yes, a cloth simulator is probably the best solution.

I don’t think I have the patience to key this by hand, I’m thinking of using this for the animtion challenge, so time is short.

Could you elaborate on using the Build effect. This is about the best I can do with build, so I would interested in other uses.