Human Face **UPDATE, Page 2, 17 Sep**

Update On Page 2

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Well, I think it’s come along good enough to show here now. I know the eyes are weird and still need a lot of work. The nose is screwy too. Oh yeah, there’s no lips! The textures besides the eyes were made in the GIMP from scratch. Eyes are GIMP’ed photos.

C&C Please.

Ok, I have an update.

C&C please.

You need to make the bridge of the nose skinnier, and the lips are too fat and strange looking to be a man’s. It also looks like they were cut out of a magazine and pasted on. Not to be harsh, but that’s how it looks…


No, please, be harsh! I need the harsh crits so I can fix them.

Hey dude, i wont be harsh, but i will be bluntly honest if you like.

For one the texturing is really off, he looks as tho he is wearing lip stick. Here is a good tutorial for painting human skin:

It’s written for Maya and Photoshop, but the techniqes are transferable.

But lets leave texturing aside for now and concentrait on the model itself. Could you post a shaded shot, as well as a wireframe, and from both front, side and 3 1/4? This would help alot in seeing what you have done with the model.

It looks very low poly, is it meant to be, like for a game? If so then its not too bad. But if you are wanting to go for more high poly and realistic shape, you probably should follow a good head tutorial on head modeling.

Personally i model my heads via the box method, which i find allows you to get things like proportion early on in the modeling stage, but this method is equily as good.

For what i can see, the bridge of the nose is a little wide for what appears to be a caucasian person, it should be much tighter and sharper.

The shape of the eye needs more points to be rounded out properly, as well as pulling the eyes inwards where the sockets would be then rounding out into the brow and cheek area. You also need a few lines around this shape to create a proper eye-lid that has a rounded shape of its own.

I cant really see his lips through all that lipstick, but you need to increase the amount of cleft that runs fron the middle base of the nose to the middle of our upper lip. The lip shap itself should have a tight lined border that starts the lip area and is rounded inward in the mouth.

His cheekbone area is pretty flat and smooth, you may want to both bring the cheekbone area out as well as pulling in the cheek underneath, just slightly tho.

The eyes should be modled rather than just have a jpg wraped over them, you should be able to find a tutorial on the construction of a 3D eye. This will yeild a much better result.

I would sugest also rotoscoping your mesh over a good front and side shot photo of a person, this will help you easily nail the features and give you a good idea of what goes where. Also you should look at wirefraimes of other peoples models that turned out really good. You should be able to find a heap of thease by doing a search.

Anywayz, i think iv said enough, i hope some of it helps you out.


Blend on, and blend well!!!

hi, it’s pretty good, but there are a couple of bits such as around the eyes that could use refinement. It would be easier to critique the mesh if we could see a wire.

Yay, an update!

Here’s some wireframes for ya:

Bapsis: Thanks for taking the time to make such good comments, I really appreciate it.

Modron: Thanks as well.

This is my 3rd attempt at a face, and believe me it’s quite a step up from last time!

I followed TorQ’s tutorial for this one.

I skinnied up the nose some and worked on the lips and eyes. Needless to say it still needs some work. I’ll eventually get around to actually m0deling the eyes.

it looks like his right eye is looking to the right, and left eye is looking to the left!
and…i dont really like those libs…oh yeah! and the nous is too big!
but damn…i cant even get close to this…

Neither do I lol. But I’m having some difficulties making them considering they’re my first lips I’ve ever made. I’m going to search around for a tutorial to help me with them.

Neither do I lol. But I’m having some difficulties making them considering they’re my first lips I’ve ever made. I’m going to search around for a tutorial to help me with them.[/quote]

proportions are not far off, but TorQ tutorial is only a base. Once you get your loops in place, you need to make a bit of sculpting. Here you obiously did not made this.

I will advise to finish modelling before doing any texturing, it way more easy as the shape is not distracted by texture. Also, there is no need to model the lips and eyelids as separate meshes

Overall quite a good start.

his lip-color needs to “blend” to the rest of his face. He looks like he has fake lips or something, as it is. :wink:

I think I’m going to scrap the lips and the eyes/eyelids. Then I’ll make new ones that aren’t seperate objects.

Once again, thanks for all the comments guys I really appreciate it. Keep em coming.

Ok, here’s a big update:

I’ve made a whole lot of changes to it, the lips have been redone, the eyes removed, lots of subtle changes, and a bump and color map have been added.

Comments & Crits please. Even simple “I like it posts” hehe.

The color map looks verry strange. Your old one was almost better. It looks like wood.


I was trying to go for a real grosse look. Also, once I apply a spec map it should look less wood/clay like. We’ll see how it turns out.

But at least your lips look better!

Yet another update, this time with a spec map and some more small changes.

Update, Next Post

Please tell me what you guys think of it.

Replying to my own thread again, eh?

I’ve finally made some eyes for this bad boy.

Comments, crits, threats, etc…


Wow, it looks pretty gruesome and evil… Very scarred looking. :smiley:

Thanks for replying! I was beginning to think noone was interested in it. 500+ views and hardly and replies.