Human Female (aka caricature of myself)

I wanted a cool ID like a lot of you guys have on here, so I thought I’d do a 3d of myself as my first practice at a real human. I finished the body, so I’m looking for some tips before I get started on the head and hands, as they’re the most finicky. I find preportions somewhat hard to do…

Critiques are MUCH appreciated. Thanks guys!


Nice level of detail - especially on the belt. Look forward to more updates!

I hope you work more on the materials’ shading, cause they look like plastic.

Thanks guys! Yeah, I need to work on the materials…and the lighting too, cause it seems a tad overexposed

its pretty cool! have you made the sketches before starts? i want to see the face! :stuck_out_tongue:
the light isn’t a problem, only that the materials have too much specular, well thats what i think ^^ pretty good job! grats!

I changed around the specularity and I think it looks much better. Any ideas for a cool fabric material?


Do you want it to look cartoonish?
If so, remove all spec…
You want it not to look like plastic?
If so, remove some spec and hard.
You can use VERY small clouds for fabric.
I’m making a cartoon example for you.
Put a invisible plane on your feet, so there’s a shadow… I can make you a example.
For making cartoon edges, just go to the render buttons and on the 1st window click on the edge button (mid lower left)

Use the append and link function for appending these objects/materials.
Comes with skin and fabric.


CartoonFabric.blend (171 KB)

Proportions seems really good. Would be nice to see it all from neutral angel.

I made a few modifications…specifically getting in a more clothlike material on the pants and shirt. Oh and here’s a view from the top for the more neutral angle. Thanks for the comments guys!


that looks nice! you can add some more light to make it more visible!
the cloth modif as come very nice! good job

If you want non-cartoonish materials: for skin I use Phong specular shader with value 0.02 - 0.1. For diffuse shader I use Oren-Nayar with default values. Just choose nice skin color and it should look nice.

For cotton-like clothing is good Minnaert diffuse shader with a little lowered “Dark” value.

Anyway, it looks nice so far, keep “blendering” ;).

Pretty good, it looks a bit plastic like, you should decrease spec and increase ref value in the shaders tab for the skin.
You can start out with a cartoon edge effect by using the Edge tool (Scene buttons [F10], leftmost panel, center button “Edge”)