human female WIP

(BetaParticl) #1

This is my first posted work, although I have been using Blender for quite a while now.
The modeling is almost done, I need to fix the knees and ankles a bit. Comments are welcome!


(S68) #2

Nice work, nice hairs :slight_smile:

Yes knees need work

keep it up


(BgDM) #3

Excellent work. Probably one of the best human models I have seen in blender.


(kaktuswasse) #4

yep. excellent job!

cya henrik

(Jolly Gnome) #5

At the front picture, her head looks too high. Maybe you could lower the hairline a bit? It’s naturally about the same distance from eyes as the tip of the nose is, maybe even a little bit closer

(Ecks) #6

Wow! really cool!

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-(nice post for a first one! :smiley: this mean your good… :smiley: )

(blengine) #7

very excellent! the face looks a tad skeleton like compared to the rest of here slightly chubby body, and yeah, the hair is way too high up
great job, a promising first post 8)

(seval) #8

Very good…so far. My honest opinion is that her abs look a bit masculine(female abs forms an elongated triangle kind of shape) , the wrists need a bit of definition and an overall body type has to be decided on. I mean, her arms and legs are puffy but her stomach is cut ? Only intend this to be constructive criticism because I can tell by looking at her that you can do better.

(BetaParticl) #9

Thanks for all the comments everybody, it always good to have suggestions.
About the hair and face, I completely agree, the hairline is too high and the face is too gaunt.

seval, you are right about the abs, unfortunatly being a guy I don’t have female abs handy to look at. Anybody know where I can get some good reference pics for this sort of thing?

All together I think the biggest problem with this model is that it was done in pieces without enough concern for the overall body type or character. I had intended to make an athletic body type and I actually have a version with more muscle definition on the arms and legs, but I found that I couldn’t animate it properly in 2.23 with that many vertices. However, now that I have Publisher, I’m going to try to make use of some of the new character animation system to work with a higher definition character. I’m thinking I may just scrap this model. It was really just a practice piece and it never had any personality, it was just some human. I need to design a character and then model it with a definate purpose.
Anyway, sorry about the long post, I can’t help myself sometimes.


(Goofster) #10 has some excellent reference stuff for the human body.

Nice model btw :smiley:


(seval) #11

I can only give you my honest opinion. I have been an art student for many years… and studying forms by Artists like Loomis or Hogarth have only thrown me off. If you are of proper age I would suggest softcore pornography as an excellent source of reference. Many body types to choose from , the poses are various, and you can also study the way clothing fits and drapes on the form. I can already hear members of the community screaming at me for this suggestion, but unless you have living models that are willing to pose for you…

btw I would also make the same suggestion for any female members of the community.

(Riskbreaker) #12

Actually thats a pretty good excuse to watch coughporncough. :wink:
So far its only in magazines you can say “I read it for the articles, honestly”.

(seval) #13

You can have the material sent to you in a brown wrapper with a label reading, “For research purposes only”.