Human Figures Needed! (Contract project possibility)

I need to construct a demonstration video which will include several human figures who will be depicted working in an ironworks forge, in a video that will focus on the industrial process. The demo will be about one minute long.

If this demo is successful, a paying project involving a series of several such video clips for a DVD kiosk may be forthcoming and is expected. But I am not yet in a position to be able to offer to pay for this part of the work. At this time you are being solicited to express your interest in assisting in the completion of a demo clip that is being prepared entirely on-speculation. Also be aware that the museum in question is of moderate size and the budget will be limited, although adequate. A timetable for approval cannot be predicted and, of course, approval can never be “guaranteed.”

My skills and my timetable do not afford me to construct these figures myself. Consequently I am asking for: - Sources where such human models and clothing can be obtained. Please post such responses publicly to this thread. - Expressions of interest, including credentials and pay rates, in assisting with the project when approved. Please reply on this matter to me by private-message only. - I need for those persons who are interested in working on the project to be willing and able to contribute the human animation and modeling work “on spec,” that is to say, not-for-pay and with unrestricted copyright-assignment pursuant to this work. - A non-disclosure/non-compete agreement must be executed. If the project is approved, or any non-demo use is desired to be made of any part of the demo material or of your models, a contract will be let and you will be paid for the work (in exchange for non-royalty copyright assignment as a “work made for hire”), as well as given credit and the right to use the completed work as part of your demo-reel. - If the demo is not successful, no further use of your material will be made without your consent. - The work-product to be delivered includes .blend files for the current version of Blender. - Please detail your requirements and expectations, and your qualifications and abilities to do the work, by private message only. - You must be of legal age and in a legal position to execute such a contract/NDA, and to deliver up copyright assignment to your work, without conflict of interest or any other encumberance from your present employer or other projects. This is not a contract nor an offer of employment. You will be an independent contractor. - You will be working under our direction, but your professional experience in all matters of the production is welcomed with great interest.
This being the Internet, anyone in the world can apply and be considered. But the work needs to happen quickly.

If you have questions, please private-message so that I can clarify. Please do not “gratuitously” submit any potentially-copyrightable material in response to this solicitation. The terms and descriptions in this notice are not legally binding but subject to change without notice.

Can’t you use the make human script to create the different “characters”?

IIRC, the script isn’t limited to non-commercial purpose, but you might want to talk it over with them. They’d probably like to use your work to showcase the script.


I am aware that “make human” scripts exist and I am sure that respondents might choose to make use of them, but let’s face it… from my position right now it makes good sense to “find someone who knows.” There is no substitute for experience when time is short and the needs for quality are high.

We can do the sets and dressing, but the effectiveness of the demo will depend upon the entirely-believable performance of the (anonymous) human figures working in that environment.

One option for us, obviously, is “do-it-yourself,” but often it is a better use of time and money to hire someone as a contractor who knows what the heck s/he is doing and who can guarantee the work. “Home Depot didn’t get to be a huge company from people who knew what they were doing.”