Human frogger:

i was playing about with the results of some tutorials, and i came up with this:
it’s pretty rubbish, so do what you want with it:

sorry, no screenshots:no:

dude, thats awesome!! You just need some more work, like more cars, maybe benches and brides, water, etc to make things interesting

Yeah I played it, it was good but the scene needs to be changed and stuff…

You just need to improve on the graphics

That was pretty fun, I like the concept. Textures and stuff were good, but I’d make a larger variety of cars and probably a wider street with more lanes.

And the little alien thing at the end was creepy. :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks guys, will do

Nice, it reminds me of a game i made in Flash years ago. Called Roadkill, you had to run across roads and not get hit by traffic. I could post a link if your interested in seeing it.

You could add a second objective, like in my RoadKill, where you have to activate a switch in some dangerous position before you can leave the level, plus there were bonus levels and different cars which gave you more to think about.

But its a good start.