Human hair, How many planes, which direction.


I have read the info here about making alpha planes for the hair and tried it. I followed a tut someplace saying it was outdated to make hair with the planes laying horizontal to the head, and one should use the planes vertically, thus creating more volume.

But it seems you need so many of them in the vertical, that it could tax the GE…

So do you use them like that only for the close ups, and use the helmet planes for the 3d person views?

Thanks man

when you say horizontal, do you mean parallel to the head, or aligned with the XY plane? (similarly, does vertical refer to perpendicular to the head, or along the Z axis?)

if you meant parallel/perpendicular: I would make the aligned with the flow of the hair (running along the head, usually) but layer it (if I had a fairly transparent alpha channel). this would be a great thing to pay attention to in an LOD system, where the farther away things are, the lower detail they are.

Yes, parallel/perpendicular to the head.
Yes, an lod would be nice.

Thank you. What I find is that parallel shows the corners where the planes meet requiring numerous planes for the curve of the head…

I have no idea which requires the most planes.

I am now using bothe I guess.