Human Hand WIP

This was something I started as part of a fingernail tutorial that I posted here:

I eventually hope to have it a little better modelled as well as textured, rigged and posed.

Constructive Crits welcome.

Well, what are you going for? Stylized, cartoony, realistic, etc…

I’m going to try to aim for realistic.

It’s a improvement from when I compared it to your earlier wips. It still doesn’t look quite right. Maybe you can use some hand references to get anatomy right. You might want to do some topology editing so it look more realistic.

I don’t know if you have seen my hand wip at focused criqitues section… maybe it’ll give you some idea.

Keep it up. :slight_smile:

The palm of the hand looks too small for the thumb and fingers. Also the cuticles around the base of the nails are either too high or the nails are sunk too low into the finger, or they are just not rounded enough to give it a nice transfer between the two, look at your fingers or your gf/mother/sister etc. for examples. Keep at it though, looking good!


It has some nice tutorials.


It has some nice tutorials.

So important was that post that it needed to be emphasised twice! :smiley:

I personally think that the knuckles where the fingers meet the palm of the hand need to be more conspicious, at the moment it looks a little flat (not that I’m any better mind you - my hands are terrible)

It’s too clawlike at the moment.

Use PHI to get the dimensions right. It’s the magic number of the universe. Check out for a finger example.

I highly recommend looking at your own hands for quite awhile. Really try to observe the contour. Look at how the fingers join to the hand. Use a mirror to see what the opposite side of your hand looks like. Observe from all angles and pay close attention.
I don’t mean to be too harsh, but aside from having five fingers and fingernails there is little else, at the moment, that is anatomically correct.

Observe, observe. observe. Then tweak your model based on your observation (have your mirror handy for comparisons).
I think that if you do this you will have a drastically improved model.

Don’t get discouraged on this, the hand is actually very silly and awkward looking in a lot of ways. It’s pretty hard to model correctly, so kudos for taking this on. You’re going to do great and you’ll learn alot in the proccess.

sorry for the double post, looks like a bug. I did submit it once though.

Here’s another attempt that I did using the feedback I received from the above posts.

I rebuilt it from scratch using the Second Reality hand tutorial as a guide (which uses N-Gons in some parts - argh!, so I had to get it as close as I could in those areas using quads and triangles).

I also used a hand reference loaded in as a background image.

There are still a few problems I need to sort out like a crease underneath the pinky that needs to be smoothed out, the bottoms of the fingernails are too round and the second set of knuckles are probably more prominent then they should be.

Thanks for the feedback on my previous attempt. :slight_smile:

Any constructive criticism welcome.

This is seriously better than first try. I think that you should add knuckles to the hand. Also I would like that the structure below the skin would be more visible (big veins etc.). Of course mapping will take care of some of that.

Wow!!! What amazing improvement, and also the skin tone & good lighting really helps do justice to a beautiful model.

The thumb is exceptionally nice, i think with the knuckles made a little bit more subtle and the underneaths of the fingers rounded off… it’s going to be just right.

I’m psyched to see you put wrinkles in the skin, although… It has a very painterly quality about it as is, which i really like.